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All businesses have the same core marketing problem:

How can we engage with our current customers in meaningful ways that attract new customers at the same time?

  • How can you turn customers into famously loyal brand ambassadors?
  • How can you reach a diverse cross-section of engaged customers who’ll buy and refer your products?
  • How can you reach multiple generations of engaged customers all at once?
  • How can you connect with a growing group of loyal millennials who care about what you have to say?

Partnering with Colin will give you access to an experienced team of strategists who are committed to helping you succeed in answering these questions.

It’s not just about a logo on a car.

We work with select strategic partners to actively help them see an ROI on their marketing investment. BIG DIFFERENCE.

And we’re experts in both B2B and B2C marketing strategy, with over 50 years of marketing experience and over 20 years of web strategy. Let’s work together to reach both our goals! Win / Win.

If you’re particularly interested in reaching our Military Veterans and Active Duty, there’s even more reason to partner with Colin.


Statistics show that:

  • NASCAR fans are #1 in sponsor loyalty as compared to all other major US sports.
  • The fanbase is very diverse, and growing even more so. Among new fans (fans of 3 years or less), 39% are multicultural and 22% are Hispanic.
  • NASCAR reaches more Millennials than any other major sport except the NFL, and 58% of new fans (fans of 3 years or less) are age 18-34.


And it’s no coincidence that in 2018 more than one in four (28%) of Fortune 500 companies invested in NASCAR marketing opportunities.

It’s time that you know what they know:

According to FORBES, “NASCAR is arguably the gold standard for fan loyalty, and brands are quick to attach their names to the sport not only to gain awareness but also to build and retain the base of customers who purchase products associated with drivers and teams they’re fans of.” FORBES also states:

  • The number of Fortune 500 companies investing in the sport has grown year-over-year in five of the last six years.
  • The number of Fortune 500 companies investing in the sport has increased 29% since 2008.



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