2023 winners at BMW Motorsports Trophy Awards

Rooster Hall Racing Team Owner Todd Brown & driver Colin Garrett are front row, fourth & fifth from left.

BMW, a leading name in motorsports, proudly honored their top 25 drivers from around the world at the prestigious Night of Trophies 2023 held at Motorworld, Munich. Among the standout drivers recognized, Colin Garrett, TC America TCX champion, emerged as BMW’s 12th best driver globally.

Colin Garrett’s exceptional performance in the 2023 BMW M Sports Trophy Season secured his place among the elite BMW Championship drivers. As a TC America series champion, Garrett’s achievements on the track were celebrated at the Night of Trophies, where anticipation filled the air for the announcement of the top BMW driver of the year.

Garrett expressed his gratitude, stating, “Being part of this event is a tremendous honor. It’s a celebration of the best in the world, and I’m grateful to represent my teammates at Rooster Hall Racing and 11/11 Veteran Project on this amazing stage.”

Adding to his racing achievements, Colin Garrett is not only a champion on the racetrack but also a champion for causes close to his heart. Through his 11/11 Veteran Project, Garrett promotes access to resources that help military families live happier and healthier lives.

Garrett’s commitment to veterans, military families, and individuals with disabilities is evident in his groundbreaking partnerships and initiatives. He became the first racer to champion causes for veterans, forging alliances with forward-thinking companies dedicated to supporting these vital causes. His dedication goes beyond the racetrack, as seen in his support for micro-businesses, fundraising for families of veterans, and showcasing the first-ever Braille paint scheme.

His most recent recognition as BMW’s 12th best driver in the world further solidifies Colin Garrett’s status not only as a skilled driver but as a compassionate advocate for important social issues. The Night of Trophies was not just a celebration of racing excellence but also an acknowledgment of Garrett’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact beyond the track.