Colin Garrett is piloting the No. 26 Toyota Supra with Sam Hunt Racing on August 21 at Michigan International Speedway for the NASCAR Xfinity Series New Holland 250.

After placing 15th in the Xfinity Series in a rain-shortened race at Talladega back in May, he is looking forward to being back on a track.

What’s different about this race? Well, for Garrett, it’s a homecoming of sorts and the start of a new initiative. 

“All of my grandparents and my parents are from Michigan. I’ve had family in the Jackson area since before the Civil War, so it’s pretty cool to be racing up here this week.” Garrett said. “It’s also great to have a local Halifax, VA company, Springfield Distillery, on board.”

Springfield Distillery has partnered with Colin for several races this season and is an avid supporter of his 11/11 Veteran Project. 

“We will be starting a label in honor of those who have served our country under the 11/11 logo as a reminder to give thanks and support service members and families,” owner Kelly Gordon shared.

The 11/11 Veteran Project has served as a way to expand access for the free services of nonprofits The Rosie Network and Racing for Heroes. Now, with a host of additional partners, the idea of accessibility is expanding even further. 

Access needs vary and can apply to everything in life; nutrition, clothing, education, training, funding, health care, and housing – just to name a few. 

As one way to continue championing accessibility, Garrett has partnered with Dr. Hoby Wedler to bring the first race car with braille in its interior and exterior paint schemes to the MIS track this weekend. 

Dr. Hoby Wedler was born blind and is the founder of Hoby’s Collective. His parents’ access to services for parents of blind children helped them raise him with the same expectations they had of his brother. This set the stage for Wedler to become a PhD chemist and entrepreneur, be listed in Forbes 30 Under 30, and be named a Champion of Change by President Obama.

“My business endeavors strive to provide true accessibility and inclusivity for everyone,” Hoby shared. 

“Mindset is everything,” he continued. “If you are happy and believe in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to. Abundance mindset, positivity, and passion give us the power to do literally anything we want in the world.”

Hoby is demonstrating this through his partnership with Colin for the New Holland 250 and for the race at Daytona next week as well. 

Another of Colin’s sponsors, Lisa Kipps-Brown, also knows the importance of access to education, services, and information.

Lisa Kipps-Brown is the author of Disrupt Your Now: The Successful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Reimagining Your Business and Life. Her father was blind and born into dire poverty, but access to a strong education at Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind enabled him to live a full life as a professional musician, business owner, father, and homeowner with hobbies such as woodworking and horseback riding. 

“Daddy’s access to education and training helped him lead me and my sisters by example, teaching us to never accept labels and the limits that accompany them,” she said.

Kipps-Brown and Wedler happened to meet on Clubhouse this past winter, leading them to multiple collaborations to help clients, other entrepreneurs, and the blind community.

In addition, partner accessiBe will also be featured on Garrett’s car for the August 21 race. Aiding those with cognitive and physical impairments or disorders that prevent them from fully accessing the Internet, accessiBe is the number one automated web accessibility solution for ADA and WCAG compliance. 

Through these programs and partners, Garrett’s “Access Saves Lives” initiative is off to a great start as he hits the Michigan International Speedway track. You can find out more information on how to get involved at

And to see Colin in action, be sure to catch the New Holland 250 at Michigan International Speedway on August 21 at 3:30pm ET.